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Madness is continuing to do the same things and expecting a different outcome

The tools and techniques that you find here will differentiate you as a visionary change leader, exceptional change agent and wise change guru to those who follow you, or who you serve.

Our passion is for you to work smarter, not harder. Doing the things that work, every time. The tools are just what you need and our webinars give the confidence to use them.


  1. The Thinking: All the good stuff, rich, insightful and actionable

  2. The Tools: Downloadable tools

  3. The Training: Webinars, coaching and workshops

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Provocative, thought provoking takes on transformational change.

Expect to have your thinking about what works and what doesn’t challenged.

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The home for our assessment tools, along with their guidelines. Click on the image to open a PDF version of the tool.

These tools are for your personal use and not for resale or profit.

Health Warning: Use of these tools could lead to increased success.

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Keep checking back, more tools being added each week!


If you feel that you would like some 1:1 advice or would like us to run a workshop to inspire your team, this is the place to be.

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Webinars and Online courses

We love webinars. Interactive, insightful and FREE, they bring what we believe to life. If you miss the webinar, then check out our onine courses

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Online courses


Feeling that you need some 1:1 advice, to help you in the right direction, or to fast-start one of your team. Then our coaching offerings are for you, whether it is a single (longer) conversation, or a series.


Looking to fast start your transformation or change efforts. Our workshops are just what you and your team need. A great way to build capability in a real life environment.


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